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01/24/2022 16:46
Injection/Withdrawal   Working Inventory
Injection (MCFpd)   Withdrawal (MCFpd)
Design Capacity 150,000 150,000
Maximum Contracted Capacity150,000150,000
Facility Capacity101,070148,353
Physical Restrictions00
Operating Capacity101,070148,353
Available Capacity77,147141,675
Storage Volume (Mcf)
Design Capacity11,000,000
Maximum Contracted Capacity11,000,000
Beginning Inventory7,028,141
Ending Inventory7,045,075
Available Inventory3,954,925
Operational Notes
  1. 0
NOTE TO USER: This data is provided informationally and does not supersede or replace the contractual terms and conditions contained in CINGSA's Tariff or FSS Agreements.
Facility Injection CapacityThe sum of the MDIQ for all customers.
Facility Withdrawal CapacityThe sum of the MDWQ for all customers.
Physical Injection Capacity RestrictionsThe injection quantity unavailable due to operational restriction.
Physical Withdrawal Capacity RestrictionsThe withdrawal quantity unavailable due to operational restriction.
Operating Injection CapacityFacility Injection Capacity less Physical Injection Restrictions
Operating Withdrawal CapacityFacility Withdrawal Capacity less Physical Withdrawal Restrictions
Available Injection CapacityOperating Injection Capacity less 24 HR Total Injection Nominations for all customers
Available Withdrawal CapacityOperating Withdrawal Capacity less 24 HR Total Withdrawal Nominations for all customers
Beginning InventoryThe beginning inventory balance for the nomination day
Ending InventoryThe ending inventory balance for the nomination day
Available InventoryMaximum Contracted Capacity less Ending Inventory