Cook Inlet Natural Gas Storage Alaska, CINGSA, is Alaska’s first commercial natural gas storage facility.  It was constructed to address Southcentral Alaska’s peak winter demand for natural gas delivery.  CINGSA received its Certificate of Necessity and Public Convenience from the Regulatory Commission of Alaska on January 31, 2011 and began service in the Spring of 2012.

CINGSA provides a means to store gas during the summer months, when available supply exceeds demand.  The stored gas is then available for withdrawal during the winter months to supplement the deliverability of available gas supply. CINGSA provides service to local utilities who, in turn, serve the greater Cook Inlet area.

Located in Kenai, Alaska, and built in a depleted natural gas reservoir on the eastern side of Cook Inlet, CINGSA has a storage capacity of 11Bcf. Five horizontally drilled wells allow up to 150 million cubic feet of gas per day to be injected or withdrawn from the storage reservoir.  The facility can be switched from injection to withdrawal within a three hour time period, allowing CINGSA to meet its customers’ needs on short notice.